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Our site offers key information regarding the 11 sovereign tribes in the great state of Wisconsin. You will find history and culture of these 11 tribes, numerous event listings and more. We hope that by the time you are done reading this, you will have a good idea of what Native Wisconsin means, and how YOU can experience it.

The cultures of the people of Wisconsin are all unique, and hold great beauty in all aspects of destination based visitation. Much like many Wisconsin families, communities, counties, and the state government itself, Tribal Nations have been here for hundreds of years. Because of that, we are bonded by our history, culture, and maybe more importantly, our future.

Being a major part of the history and development of this state, Tribal Nations have given just as much as any. We have contributed to the story that Wisconsin tells to its visitors, even to its own people. We have contributed to the preservation of its beautiful land; its countless lakes, rivers, streams, creeks, forests, hills and animals. We have risen several generations of families, passed down our own history and ways of life. That shared contribution to this great state is what strengthens that partnership. Understanding that history and culture, that shared bond, any visitor would be thrilled to see it for themselves. To experience it. To live it.

Within the great state of Wisconsin you will find 11 sovereign tribal nations, and on this site you will find information on all of them. Each of these great nations has their own unique, independent, beautiful communities, but all share one common denominator: they are Native Wisconsin.

NATOW (Native American Tourism of Wisconsin) was started as an inter-tribal initiative back in 1994, under the leadership of GLITC (Great Lakes Inter Tribal Council) to help promote tourism and economic development on behalf of the 11 tribes in Wisconsin. NATOW’s mission is to promote tourism through Native Wisconsin heritage, while telling our unique story as Tribal nations. We have formed a strong partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Tourism, helping each other promote and strategize tourism across all of Wisconsin.

In this time of our history, we have countless ways to tell that story, and our visitors have countless ways to experience it.  As one of the top industries in Wisconsin, tourism has become an effective way for tribal nations to diversify both their economies, as well as their community.

With the beauty of our land, there are many things to experience. Whether it’s the outdoor life, cultural festivals, Pow Wows, museums, shopping, community events or whatever the experience may be, all have various ways to educate, entertain, and inspire any visitor.

Each of these 11 tribal communities also has lodging accommodations, so you will have a place to stay while visiting our reservations. Our homes. We welcome you to Native Wisconsin – come visit us anytime.

Yaw^ko okhale Sawehnisliyohak (Thank you and have a great day)

Ernest L. Stevens III, Executive Director
Native American Tourism of Wisconsin